Pytorch geometric with awkward arrays, getting error


So, I’ve been having significant issues trying to use Pytorch Geometric along with the Awkward library.

So if I try and install pytorch, pyg, awkward and pyarrow at the same time:

conda create --name torchGPU python pytorch torchvision torchaudio cudatoolkit=10.2 awkward pyarrow pyg -c pytorch -c conda-forge -c pyg

It, for some reason, installs with pyarrow 0.11.1
If I then try and read a .parquet file using ak.from_parquet() I get the error:

ImportError: pyarrow 2.0.0 or later required for ak.from_parquet

I do not have this issue if I install the cpu version and not the gpu version, so i’m assuming the issue is somewhere with pytorch?

If I also try and install pyarrow separately, I then get the error

undefined symbol: _ZN5torch3jit17parseSchemaOrNameERKSs

If anyone knows anything about using these modules together i’d greatly appreciate it!

Note: I am running all of this on a linux server.