Pytorch Github org grooming

I see that some very popular GitHub projects have a quite nice grooming program like in the Vscode ecosystem

As we have accumulated a lot of old open issues (See the graphs/stats) but also some relatively old PRs (See graphs/stats)

I think that we could start to adopt our grooming policy for the Pytorch org repositories.

As an extension to this policy we could occasionally organize some “grooming hackathon” to support these activities.

I think a regular cleanup could also help to improve the issue label inclusivity (CHAOSS/LinuxFoundsation) metrics as it will help to clearly define and communicate to candidate contributors on what issues we really will want to still allocate the currently limited PR review resources.


Thanks for bringing up this topic.
We indeed have been struggling to keep up with the number of issues.

While I do think that there are many reasons for some old issues to still exist, I do agree that we most likely have a lot of them that are not relevant anymore.

I agree that we would need to first align and adopt such a policy before organizing such events.
The VSCode description is a good start but we would need to adapt it.

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How generally these things, like a grooming policy, are going to be introduced to the community?
Just to understand where we could inline comment a policy draft.


I think the main steps would be:

  • Prepare a proposal for how we want to update the general grooming guidelines for the repo. Gather feedback from maintainers on these.
  • Present the new guidelines to a Core Maintainer meeting (2023 Q4 PyTorch Core Maintainer Meeting - Dec 1st 2023 - PyTorch Dev Discussions) and get them validated
  • Socialize the general practice with all maintainers
  • (optional) Organize hackathon-like event to do more directed push on this for specific topics

Are you going to kick-start point 1 internally?

I’m not sure I will have much time to drive this. cc @svekars @kit1980 might have some ideas on who can take a look at this?

Is there anyone else we can get involved?