Pytorch - NVIDIA Issues after Update


I installed the latest stable version of pytorch but I am getting the below so I asked my admin to upgrade my NVIDIA to the latest driver and now after upgrading the NVIDIA to the latest driver of stable version 430.

error repeatedly.

Now I am getting The new Error:

Please Need some help in fixing or degrading my pytorch??

Which driver does nvidia-smi show?
Could you reinstall PyTorch after updating the driver?
I’m not sure, if that helps in this use case, but could be an easy solution.

It didn’t work I uninstalled torch and torchvision and Installed again.
My NVIDIA version is 430.26

Did you restart the machine after installing the driver?

I asked my administrator will update my response once he responds.

Yes the system was restarted

I did analyzed few and figured out that my torch.cuda.is_available() is "FALSE’ after the upgrade to latest pytorch (1.2.0) and to the stable version of Nvidia Driver 430.26…

Is the pytorch latest version not compatible with the NVIDIA driver?

Should I downgrade and ask all my team members to stop upgrading to latest pytorch?

Which GPU(s) are you using?

Fixed it. The Main reason is the once you update your NVIDIA GPU drivers it needs us to reinstall the CUDA again.

we need to uninstall the cuda, pytorch and install cuda, pytorch again then it works.