Pytorch on Macbook pro with AMD eGPU?

Hello everyone!

I’m using a MacBook pro (2019 Catalina) connected to a Radeon Vega eGPU via a thunderbolt 3 cable (razer core x). The eGPU appears in my system report, but I’m finding it very hard to run PyTorch models on it. There seems to be no clear answer.

I am aware of OpenCL, as well as some hackish way to get Nvidia cards to work with Pytorch on mac’s, but I was wondering if anyone has a novel solution given my setup?

If not, I would love to hear other suggestions for ways to run my models in a fast and efficient way. The corona virus got me working from home, and it really takes ages for each model to run, I am quite desperate at this point!

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: