Pytorch profiler bug

I use tensorboard_trace_handler() to store the trace json file, and I found in my json file, I have this invalid entry:

    "ph": "X", "cat": "Memcpy",
    "name": "Memcpy DtoD (Device -> Device)", "pid": 0, "tid": "stream 7",
    "ts": 1618002603703134, "dur": 0,
    "args": {
      "device": 0, "context": 1,
      "stream": 7, "correlation": 549926, "external id": 61893,
      "bytes": 4, "memory bandwidth (GB/s)": inf

Notice the inf in the last line. This is not a valid entry so pytorch-tb-profiler has trouble opening it. Can this be a bug in Pytorch profiler?

This sounds like a bug, so could you create an issue on GitHub so that we can track and check it?