PyTorch Resources

PyTorch is relatively new compared to other frameworks and I had issues finding more guides and tutorials.

Following the very popular and useful TensorFlow version, I created a curated list of tutorials, papers that used PyTorch, books, community etc. Do hope anyone can add on to it or share this list because PyTorch is awesome. Here it is: The Incredible PyTorch

Thanks to @apaszke who is very active on this forum, I have recommended people to head over here to ask questions.



One of the biggest drawbacks of Pytorch I think is the lack of resources to learn. The documentation is quite good, but bar the basic official tutorials, the best way to learn it was by reading the forums (especially @apaszke and @fmassa useful posts).

Will look into that and hopefully contribute in the future, although I am still using both PyTorch and Tensorflow for my projects.

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Thanks @Ismail_Elezi. Yeah! I learn much more by reading the forums too and also by reading other people’s pytorch implementations. We can learn even more when we improve on existing implementations.

In less than 1 week I’ve added more than 20 implementations and it’s by far the largest list currently out there on PyTorch. I will grow this list with at least an update every 3 days.

I’m a proponent of reproducible research so the section on paper implementation would be rapidly growing.

Thanks @apaszke and @smth for liking this post :smiley: Looking forward to people sharing it.