PyTorch & RTX4090


I would like to setup a computer for deep learning using a RTX4090 GPU (only one for the moment)

Could someone confirm that PyTorch works correclty with this GPU? If so, could you also provide the software configuration that you use ?

I see that the Nvidia official container 22.12-py3 (latest) does not officially support the ada-lovelace architecture, do we have any preliminary date for an official release supporting this GPU ?

Thanks for your support

The PyTorch pip wheels and conda binaries with CUDA 11.7 for nightly and stable releases as well as the (experimental) binaries with CUDA 11.8 will work for your 4090.
To install the binaries with the 11.8 CUDA runtime you would need to manually change the URLs and e.g. replace cu117 with cu118 as they are not posted in the install instructions yet.