Pytorch Sphinx Theme on pypi


I would like to use the Pytorch Sphinx theme, which had also been uploaded to (
I can install and import it, however, the font seems to be off. Do I need to do some additional configuration? Or is the pip version just out of date?



I am afraid no one is actively maintaining it I’m afraid so I think the pip version is out of data.

@albanD Thanks for your reply!
So installing with python install works so far.
Font and style look fine, however the plus/minus in the modules index is completely off in scale. Any idea what to change / look for?

I don’t know sorry.

Maybe Jessica will know, let me ping her.


After looking into it, it appears that the pypi package is not maintained indeed.
If you want to use the theme, you can pull it directly from the repo

This is how we do it for the pytorch docs:

Hm strange, I could not resolve the issue, even with going back to the sphinx version used in the requirements …

This is surprising.
The whole build system for our doc is here:
Does it work fine when you build pytorch’s own doc?