Pytorch + Tensorboard: crayon vs tensorboard-pytorch

Any preferences; do people generally favor one over the other? If so, why?
crayon repo
tensorboard-pytorch repo

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As one of the person that originally created crayon, I do not actively use it anymore (because I don’t need this kind of visualization). And so there are no new features added to it by the original authors.
I don’t know what is the status of tensorboard-pytorch though.


I would suggest tensorboard-pytorch. It’s easier to use especially if you used tensorboard before.

Could you elaborate; are there other visualization tools you or @ruotianluo recommend?

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I just don’t have any loss to plot. So I just don’t plot anything. I don’t use anything else.

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I usually just use pyplot.plot in Jupyter. That flickers a bit when I clear the output abd redraw but works quite welk for me.
I also have something in bokeh. That is a bit more appealing conceptually because it supports updates, but I found that it was a bit less convenient.
Here is an example with pyplot.
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