PyTorch Tutorials

Really want to learn pytorch mainly because of the programming style. However, going through the tutorials, I’ve realized the tutorials & documentation on the website and the github is not updated.

For example: doesn’t even exist… even after replacing ‘grad_fn’ with ‘creator’, the ‘next_function’ doesn’t exist.

Does anyone have any good UPDATED learning material for PyTorch? Or is there a certain version of PyTorch I need install instead of the conda python 3.6 version?


Tutorials are not outdated. In fact, they are more update and even with master pytorch. Unfortunately, latest pytorch release doesn’t include a recent refactoring which rename these functions.

You will face no issues if you install pytorch from source.
Please sift though issues and/or raise an issue at tutorials repo if you face any problems.

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Thank you Sasank! So do you suggest me uninstall the version I have now (linux, conda, 3.6, cpu) and just download it from source? Or downgrade to an earlier release until the latest release is stable?

You can install from source as described in pytorch readme.