PyTorch version for cuda compute capability 3.0 (GTX 780M)

I installed PyTorch on my laptop only to find out that my GPU is not supported. Is there a version that I can use that still supports my GPU ? Or are there any other solutions ?

/home/haziq/anaconda3/envs/dl/lib/python3.5/site-packages/torch/cuda/ UserWarning:
Found GPU0 GeForce GTX 780M which is of cuda capability 3.0.
PyTorch no longer supports this GPU because it is too old.

warnings.warn(old_gpu_warn % (d, name, major, capability[1]))

You could build PyTorch from source.
The installation is described here.
Let me know, if you encounter any problems.

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I saw this in another thread PyTorch no longer supports this GPU because it is too old.

We’ve got PyTorch CUDA bundles 167 with compute capabilities starting 3.0, 3.5
There is no separate python package, but you can extract the package from the installer archive.

which linked to this webpage I saw a VirtualBox image download and so was wondering if this is an alternative ? Would prefer not to build from source as I am really good at encountering problems.

Oh, I haven’t used it, so I cannot comment on the jetware images.
Haha, you should give it a try. It’s quite simple. Just follow the steps from my previous link and try it out. :wink:

Answer to original question: PyTorch 0.3.0 is the last release to support compute capability 3.0


Removed support for CUDA capability 3.0 and 5.0

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