Pytorch with Windows 7 dose not support training in multi-GPUs?

When I used “model = nn.DataParaller(model)” to use 3 GPUS(RTX2080TI) to training my model, there were a warning showing that “PyTorch is not compiled with NCCL support”.
Dose not Pytorch with Windows 7 support training in multi-GPUs ?

Based on this comment it seems that the latest NCCL release (2.10.3) is supporting WSL2 partially, but I don’t think that a native Windows NCCL version exits, so you might need to check other distributed backends.

Thanks for your reply. But I maybe not describe clearly. The system of my computer is Windows 7 and I do not use WSL2. The version of PyTorch I used is for Winodws, and I use Acaconda3 to manage my environment.

Yes, I understand your setup and don’t think there is a Windows-supported NCCL version out (at least no official one; in the past there might have been forks etc.).