Pytorch xla vs Pytorch Lightning: TPU pod

I am trying to utilize Colab’s multi-TPU feature. I was wondering which would be better to use, Pytorch’s xla, or Pytorch Lightning. What are the pros and cons?

Hi @kendreaditya, Pytorch lightnight’s TPU support is built on top of pytorch xla. So they’re essentially the same in terms of functionality with slightly different frontend.
Thus this question is more about whether you are more familiar with pytorch native frontend or the lightning frontend.
(btw if you have questions w.r.t pytorch/xla, we currently support all questions/bug reports/feature requests through github issues in pytorch/xla.

Thank you for the classification! By front-end do you mean like PyTorch’s structure, and style? @ailzhang

@kendreaditya Yea it’s more like which way you are comfortable writing the code.