Quantized Pre Trained Model Urls


I found this repo https://github.com/pytorch/vision/blob/release/0.8.0/torchvision/models/quantization/googlenet.py containing quantized versions of models like GoogleNet and ResNet. I see that model weights are loaded from the URLs.

quant_model_urls = {
    # fp32 GoogLeNet ported from TensorFlow, with weights quantized in PyTorch
    'googlenet_fbgemm': 'https://download.pytorch.org/models/quantized/googlenet_fbgemm-c00238cf.pth',

I have the below question on these weights:

  1. What quantization type is used for these weights, for example, QAT or Post static quantization?
  2. Do we have such URLs for other torchvision models like Densenet and VGG16?