Question about the torch._C code


the C code here ,

static inline void THNN_(SpatialDilatedMaxPooling_shapeCheck)(
	THTensor *input, THTensor *gradOutput, THIndexTensor *indices,
	int kH, int kW, int dH, int dW, int padH, int padW,
	int dilationH, int dilationW, bool ceil_mode) {

Is the THNN_(SpatialDilatedMaxPooling_shapeCheck) correspond to some function name?

And if so, how can I find the real name of the THNN_(SpatialDilatedMaxPooling_shapeCheck)?

Thank you!


This is heavily C code with a lot of macros. You can read this post for more details on how these macros are expanded. Most of the discution is about TH but THNN works exactly the same way.

Thank you very much!