Question: backend for quantization in pytorch

Hello, guys
recently I learned the source code of pytorch, I quantized my cnn layer and see the backend of it’s implementation. My system is Mac M1, so I can’t use GPU(CUDA), so I can only use CPU. From director y “ATen/native/quantized/cpu” I can see a lot of quantized layers like “qconv” and so on.
In the file “qconv.cpp” I can see there are three macro: USE_FBGEM.
MUSE_PYTORCH_QNNPACK. AT_MKLDNN_ENABLED. Does this means that I can use anyone of these three? In another word, pytorch support three kind of quantization implementation in cpu and which one to use depends on what macro I defined ?

Thanks in advance.

yeah, there are different quantization engines, some info here: Quantization — PyTorch 2.0 documentation

and a code pointer here:

I think there’s also some xnnpack support, not 100% sure

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Thanks guys, it helps a lot.