Regarding the compilation of ibtorch dynamic libraries, I hope to receive an answer from pytorch's package management personnel

When I was porting a PC architecture project to Jetson, I encountered an issue with the lack of functions in the dynamic library of arm 64 libtorch. I used the official libtorch shared with deps 1.11.0% on the PC, and after decompressing this compressed package, the libtorch in lib_ Cuda_ and libtorch_ Cuda_ has 2.7G, but I used build myself from the Pytorch project_ The two files compiled by libtorch. py only have 170MB. How can I adjust the environment variables of CMakeLists.txt to make these two files larger, or how can developers release libtorch shared with deps 1.11.0%

help,pleaseļ¼ŒThis is really important to me

The binary build scripts are located in pytorch/builder and you could check the libtorch folder.