Register for the PyTorch Hackathon 2021

The PyTorch Hackathon is back!

Taking place virtually from Sept 8 - Nov 3.

Enter to compete and connect with your worldwide PyTorch community across 3 project categories:

  • PyTorch Dev Tools
  • Web/Mobile Applications
  • PyTorch Responsible AI Dev Tools

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My name is Emil Bogomolov. I am a research engineer at Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology ( .

Apart from the research I am active contributor to PyTorch (zetyquickly (Emil Bogomolov) · GitHub) and to PyTorch community (Profile - zetyquickly - PyTorch Forums). I really love this framework and urge to improve it and help others to use.

Also I do mentoring and judging at hackathons such as MLH ( and Cifrovoy Proryv (

I’d like to offer myself as a judge to your upcoming hackathon it would be a big pleasure.

Thank you!

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Hi :wave: I’m ML Engineer and open source enthusiast.
I am core maintainer of PyTorch Lightning Flash.
I have created GradsFlow (an open-source AutoML library in PyTorch)