Release of Pytorch 1.6 with native CUDA amp

Hi all,
Is there an expected date for the release of Pytorch1.6, I am mostly interested in the forthcoming native CUDA amp support that is currently available in nightly binaries.

Thanks !!

No official date yet, but we are working hard to ship amp in 1.6 :slight_smile:


awesome, a tentative one maybe ? (like in weeks, months) :sweat_smile:
actually i am moving my codebase to pytorch-lightening and I was reading that pytorch-lightening has already included the support of native cuda amp (whenever torch1.6) is released. I would like to use the FP16 training feature soon, otherwise i will have to think of relying on torch-nightly or apex in my project.

For now I would recommend to use the nightly binaries. :wink:

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