Report only Rouge-2-F

Hi. I wanted to report just Rouge-2-F, but I cannot find a way to do so. When I attach the RougeN metric, it is a single instance of ignite.metrics.Metric, but when printing it carries Rouge-2-P, Rouge-2-R, Rouge-2-F and a dictionary with the 3. From the dictionary I can get what I want, but want to drop the rest. How can I do it? Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

Hi @AfonsoSalgadoSousa , you can use metric arithmetics to get “Rouge-2-F” only value:

from ignite.metrics import RougeN

# We define the metric as 
# m = RougeN(ngram=2, multiref="best")
# and apply getitem operator on resulting dictionary output:
m = RougeN(ngram=2, multiref="best")["Rouge-2-F"]

candidate = "the cat is not there".split()

references = [
    "the cat is on the mat".split(),
    "there is a cat on the mat".split()

m.update(([candidate], [references]))

> 0.4

More on metrics arithmetrics: