Reproducing Pytorch Model Parameters

I’m pretty new to Pytorch but I was trying to run two consecutive runs of the same model by loading a checkpoint at epoch 0. Is it normal for the model parameter outputs to differ between these two runs? Is it possible the optimizer I am using (AdamW) may create a difference in parameters between iterations?

You can try setting a seed for the random parameters.

Many (if not all) layers rely on random initialization.

If you do


Then it should be fine

Thanks for your reply- would you recommend doing this even with checkpoint loading enabled? I was under the impression that loading checkpoints would make sure the initial random initialization was the same for both runs.

I don’t know what you’ve stored in the “checkpoint”, but usually the state_dicts are stored only without any information about the seeds etc. In any case, you would still need to reseed the code as mentioned by @Matias_Vasquez as loading the state_dicts alone won’t seed the code.


Great, thanks to both of you for your input! I’ll try that out.

It turns out a few of my model layers were non-deterministic but I was able to track them down using the line torch.use_deterministic_algorithms(True)

Thanks @Matias_Vasquez for the helpful link on reproducibility :smiling_face:

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