Request to join Slack channel

I sent through a request to join the slack channel recently (mailed to, as per the `Request an Invite’ option on pytorch support, as I am a CS M.Sc. student but not a member of any of the orgs that can apply without a request. What is the average turnaround time for a response (haven’t yet received one)? I’m very eager to join the slack channel!

Our slack channel is invite-only to promote a healthy balance between power-users and beginners. On the beginner end of the spectrum, the invite time can be very large. Folks we consider “power-users” are ones who make extensive open source contributions in general, or specific to pytorch they’ve shown (on the forums and on github) that they are expert in using the framework (good quality projects on pytorch, actively replying to other forum posts with technically sound answers) , or contributing to it (PRs fixing bugs or adding features)

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I can see the logic.
Is there a place to see the list in order to understand the estimated time?

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