Resnet50 example errors(Ubuntu Beginner)

Hello, I’m a beginner in Glow. I attempted to run the Resnet50 in my Ubuntu VMWare Virtual Machine and I consistently get the error below. I followed the Glow installation in GitHub - pytorch/glow: Compiler for Neural Network hardware accelerators and made a special buildwithbundles folder for the Glow build as it is mentioned here glow/ at master · pytorch/glow · GitHub so I’m not entirely sure what I am doing wrong. Does the error have to do with Ubuntu being on a Virtual Machine, me not installing Glow correctly in some step? I’m not sure at this point, hence the forum post. Thank you for your time and sorry in advance if I’m asking a dumb question.

angel@ubuntu:~/buildwithbundles/bundles/resnet50$ ./ResNet50Bundle cat_285.png
Allocated weights of size: 102121920
Expected weights of size: 102121920
Loaded weights of size: 102121920 from the file resnet50.weights.bin
Allocated mutable weight variables of size: 606144
ResNet50Bundle: /home/angel/glow/examples/bundles/resnet50/main.cpp:189: void loadImagesAndPreprocess(const std::vector< std::string> &, float *&, size_t *): Assertion `loadSuccess && “Error reading input image.”’ failed.
Aborted (core dumped)

Hello. I experienced the same problem. Did you find the solution?

yes, I gave the full file address for the cat.png file so basically the command in my case would be
./ResNet50Bundle /home/ampampos/tries/buildwithbundles/tests/images/imagenet/cat_285.png which is executed inside the folder of the bundle in the terminal and it worked