Resnext50_32_4d for imbalanced dataset to get better accuracy?

Can i use resnext50_32_4d for imbalanced dataset to get better accuracy?
is it better than resnet with less samples?,
someone used the resnext without data augmentation , imbalanced data but they got good auc score with simple cross validation technique.

I’m not aware of any model architectures, which would be beneficial for a classification use case using an imbalanced dataset. Usually, you would use a weighted loss, add over/undersampling or manipulate the training procedure in another way to tackle the issue of an imbalanced dataset.

As usually, I would recommend to try out different architectures for your use case, as I don’t think there is a simple answer which model would work best for an unknown task.

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@ptrblck Thank u so much yar for ur reply, Am working on skin cancer dataset.

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