Rife VFI error on ComfyUI on Mac

I was running ComfyUI on a M2 Max Mac Studio.
When it goes to Rife VFI node, an error prompt up.

“MPS: Unsupported Border padding mode”

Any suggestions ?


Hi there - I’m running into something similar. And by similar I mean the exact same error, but FILM VFI is throwing the error while running Stable Video Diffusion on an M2 Max. Any luck chasing this down on your end?

@Gabrie_ZH @toda

According to ComfyUI-Frame-Interpolation authors, non-CUDA support (such as Apple Silicon) is experimental.

Check out this doc: Support for non-CUDA device (experimental) for configuration changes that might solve it for you.

I implemented these fixes. Still not working, bummer :frowning:

Error occurred when executing RIFE VFI:

MPS: Unsupported Border padding mode