ROCm --index-url access denied

Hello everyone,

when accessing the ROCm --index-url I get AccessDenied. The CUDA --index-url is accessible.
Is this intended?

I really wish this would get some attention.
As a result of this issue, the instructions on Start Locally | PyTorch for ROCm are broken.

Some quick testing I did, with “curl -I{url_path}”, and the HTTP response received:
whl - 200 (OK - reasonable)
whl/cpu - 200 (OK - reasonable)
whl/cu117 - 200 (OK - reasonable)
whl/cu118 - 200 (OK - reasonable)
whl/rocm5.4.2 - 403 (Forbidden - BROKEN)
whl/blahblahblah - 403 (Forbidden - reasonable)

EDIT: I guess this was not as big an issue as I originally thought. Apparently by adding a / at the end, all endpoints work that should work. It still seems odd that rocm5.4.2 and it alone is broken when the / is NOT specified, but it is not keep the pip install command from working.

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I have the same issue. Please fix this!

To install the current latest version use (tested on python 3.11):

pip install torch==2.0.1+rocm5.4.2 torchvision==0.15.2+rocm5.4.2 torchaudio==2.0.2 --index-url

(note versions are wrong on the site and won’t work)