Rotating non-square images using affine_grid

I am working on an architecture which requires applying a rigid transformation to a non-square image.

To this end, I am using a spatial transformer module. However, applying a (rigid) rotation to a non-square image inevitable produces distortion, as can be seen in this image:

Is it possible to avoid this issue without explicitly padding the input to make it square, and then cropping the result? Are there any parameters of, e.g., grid_sample I am missing, which could help get this job done?

Example of a correct rotation:

Here is a self-contained example of the problem I am facing. The rotated output of the network ends up distorted, whereas I would prefer it to get transformed in a rigid manner, even if means some clipping occurs:

from math import sin, cos, pi

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import torch
import torch.nn.functional as F

# Enable this if inside notebook
#%matplotlib inline

DEG_TO_RAD = math.pi / 180.0

angle_deg = 45
angle_rad = angle_deg * DEG_TO_RAD
image_size = (1, 1, 480, 640)

rotation = torch.tensor([
    [ cos(angle_rad), sin(angle_rad), 0],
    [-sin(angle_rad), cos(angle_rad), 0],

image = torch.zeros(image_size).float().cuda()
image[:, :, :, 280:340] = 255

# Uncomment this to get the right result
# image_pad = torch.zeros((1, 1, 640, 640)).float().cuda()
# image_pad[:, :, 80:-80, :] = image

grid = F.affine_grid(rotation, size=image_pad.size())

rotated = F.grid_sample(image_pad, grid)

plt.imshow(image[0, 0].data.cpu().numpy())

rotated = rotated[:, :, 80:-80, :]
plt.imshow(rotated[0, 0].data.cpu().numpy())
plt.title("Rotated by {} degrees".format(angle_deg))

Bottom line: Can you rotate a non-square image without distorting it using the existing STN functionality without having to pad the image with zeros, or implementing a custom version of grid_sample?

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h,w=480, 640
rotation = torch.tensor([
    [ cos(angle_rad), sin(angle_rad)*h/w, 0],
    [-sin(angle_rad)*w/h, cos(angle_rad), 0],

It works for me, thank you! But I don’t understand why. Is it a bug of the affine_grid function?


As for translation:

translation_x = 100*2/w
translation_y = 10*2/h

rotation_yaw = torch.tensor([
    [ cos(angle_rad), sin(angle_rad)*h/w, translation_x],
    [-sin(angle_rad)*w/h, cos(angle_rad), translation_y],

Thanks so much.
Could you explain the reason?