RTX 2060 CUDA or TensorCores dont work


I am very new to the topic. I was following a tutorial about simple AI and such. Nothing worked and the reason seems to be, that Python cannot Communicate with CUDA (Or my Graphicscard in general.).

So I learned that every Pytorch comes with its own CUDA Version. OFC I installed the newest, which probatly was the problem itself. My Graphic Card has CUDA 7.5 and 240 Tensor Cores (Gen 2).
According to this list, I need PyTorch 0.4.1 which was a real hustle to unistall the new one and install the old version.
Now my Tutorial is not working anymore, because it was not meant to process with a historic version of Pytorch.

Does that mean I have no chance to work with AI (of this century) at all? Or do you guys know a trick to surepass the limitation?

GPU: INNO3D GeForce RTX 2060 Compact X1
CPU: Intel Core I7 4790k
OS: Windows 10
Python: 3.10.4
All drivers up to date, CUDA Toolkit installed, Path Variables checked and seemed ok.

“7.5” refers to the compute capability of your GPU not the CUDA toolkit release.
Your device is supported in the current stable and nightly releases as the binaries support all devices between compute capabilities 3.7 to 8.9 using the PyTorch binaries shipping with CUDA 11.7 and up to 9.0 using the PyTorch binaries shipping with CUDA 11.8 and 12.1.