RTX 2080 ti/ driver / cuda / cudnn / pytorch dependencies?


I’m currently working on getting environment in my ubuntu 18.04 with a GeForce RTX 2080 Ti.

I’ve tried numerous time to install cuda 11.x versions with driver 470.129.06 that can go with pytorch 1.7.1 or higher.

‘The following packages have unmet dependencies:’ error is keep poping and cannot install cuda appropriate.

For anyone who have installed “drivers / cuda / cudnn / pytorch 1.7.1” with 2080 in 18.04 before, can give me some advice?

Thank you in advance.

To install the CUDA toolkit, I would recommend to stick to these docs which use the local installers and will walk you through the installation of the CUDA toolkit including the NVIDIA driver.
Note that you would not need to install the CUDA toolkit to run the PyTorch binaries, but only the NVIDIA driver (which might be easier), unless you plan to build PyTorch from source or any CUDA extension.