SAM Annotation Tool (SAMAT)

I just open-sourced (MIT License) semantic segmentation annotation powered by segment-anything model that I used for a while in my projects. Hopefully it will help someone.
Link to my project: SAMAT (any feedback in Discussions section on GitHub is appreciated)

  • Brush annotation (opposed to polygons)
  • Magic Wand (like in Photoshop) powered by segment-anything masks (it is optional btw, if you don’t have cool GPU to prepare masks)

Why yet another annotation tool?
Before starting this project I tried supervisely,, roboflow and several others, but found them not suitable enough for my projects.
Their cons, I tried to fix with my tool:

  • Latency: they are web based, hence burden with irritating latency during labeling (SAMAT is snappy because it is local desktop app)
  • Complicated: too much features, hence overloaded UI (SAMAT is just a colored brush)
  • Proprietary: they all follow SaaS model

Btw, there is labeling tool called SALT on github which also uses segment-anything model, but have a different approach to UI/UX, so take a look at it too.