Same Google drive dataset download error for several weeks now

dataset = torchvision.datasets.celeba.CelebA(root=dataroot, download=True)

RuntimeError: The daily quota of the file is exceeded and it can't be downloaded. This is a limitation of Google Drive and can only be overcome by trying again later.

For weeks now, same error.

CC @pmeier this issue seems to be related to this one and I’m unsure if there is a workaround besides trying to manually download the data as described here.

Hey @Sam_Lerman. Unfortunately, there is nothing we (torchvision) can do about it. Google Drive is a subpar way to host a dataset, but since we only provide a wrapper around what the authors provided, we have to live with it. On of the limitations is that each file on Google Drive has a daily quota and if that is met, no one can download the file for some time. And it seems you are hitting that.

For weeks now, same error.

If that is true, maybe try to download at a different time of the day? I don’t know when this quota is reset, but if that for example at 0:00 UTC+0 and you are in UTC-9 or the like, the quote might already be met by other people around the globe before you get a chance to try during “normal” hours. I just tried 12:00 UTC+1 and the download works. So it is not an issue with torchvision.

I’ve tried downloading at all hours and just tried at 12:22 AM UTC. Still the same error. I’m thinking there’s a DoS attack or something.