Sampled softmax loss


Does sampled softmax loss exist in pytorch? I cound not find it.


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can you elaborate on what this is? with a link to an implementation elsewhere?
afaik this is not in pytorch core.

Thanks for your reply.
Tensorflow has this:

We don’t have any such thing in the core. We’ll need to add them. Thanks for the pointer!

There’s a lua torch implementation

@ngimel: Thanks for the link. I don’t know Lua and will have a look at the code.

As far as I know, NCE (Noise Contrast Estimation) is different from sampled softmax from tensorflow, see Jozefowicz et al. (2016) or here for a comparison.

EDIT: sorry, I see that original link is to a page with a number of different softmax approximations, and NCE is one of them. I personally would be more interested in sampled softmax, as it tends to work better for me.

EDIT2: here is a TF implementation of sampled softmax and NCE, hopefully they can be implemented using existing pytorch functions.

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You may also be interested in this implementation:

Giving very good results for the LM task.

@lopuhin and @vince62s: thanks for your suggestions.

Any updates on this?? It probably isn’t a priority…but I secretly wish PyTorch has a big development team like TensorFlow and can add these functionalities easily!

@windweller Adaptive Softmax was part of PyTorch 0.4.1, see:

Sampled Softmax is implemented in this repo:

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Nice and incredible!! Will start using it now :slight_smile: