Save snapshots in a python list

I attempt to apply snapshot ensemble following this paper Snapshot Ensembles: Train 1, get M for free what I understand that I save model weights after each cycle. The one cycle contains many epochs. I want to save these weights at the end of each cycle into a list for further using them in test phase.
At beginning I defined snaphots = [] then @ end of each cycle append models weights to this list : snapshots.append(model.state_dict()). The problem that I found that all snapshot " weights" in the list are the same although they are different during the training

any recommendation to solve this problem?@ ptrblck


The problem is that you are referring the same object. When you save it to the list instead of “snapshots.append(model.state_dict())”. Use the following command.


Then only, you can save the values at that point.

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thanks for your answer and advice