Saving tensor with uses too much memory

Hi all!
Im trying to better manage the training set for my CNN.
The training data is a tensor with shape [54K,2,8,1320,14] (targets are with same shape),and i use batch of 50, mini-batch shape [50,2,8,1320,14], as it enters conv3D layer (2 in channels). since the whole set is about 250 GB (125 GB for each data and targets), which is too big for the RAM to hold, so currently its 5 data-target pair with 10800 samples each, which is 50GB per pair (25GB for data and 25 for inference).
I want to save it in separated files each contains 25 samples each so i’ll be able to load 2 random files for constructing a mini-batch, without overloading my memory.
When i try to save 25 samples with '[:25],‘’) it gives me a file ‘’ of size 25GB (same as 10800 samples) but has the correct shape [25,8,2,1320].
what am I doing wrong? do you have any solution to it?



selecting a subset of a tensor does not actually create a new tensor in most cases but just looks at a subset of the original one.
When saving, the original tensor is saved.
You can save[:25].clone() to save only the part you want as the clone operation will force the creation of a new smaller tensor containing your data.


Seems to work perfectly!
It is still weird that i have loaded the data and still got only a subset of the dataset even though it stored the whole set .