Sharing variable with computation graph between processes


Is it possible to use a buffer for sending variables (with computation graphs) over a multiprocessing queue? I am currently gathering log probability variables for policy gradient with multiple child processes and the bottleneck at the moment is transferring the variables over to the parent process.

How can I make this transfer faster? If it was normal tensors I could just use a buffer as I would know the size but with variables that contain computation graphs I dont know how to do it.

Are you planning to backprop through those Variables?

Yes, so I need the computation graph. Just getting the data would not be enough!

Any luck :slight_smile:? I am also having the same issue. Really appreciated!

This was so long ago I dont remember if I was able to solve it. Last time I used policy gradients I went with the hogwild style of training, where instead I share the weights over multiple processes and each process can update the weights asynchronously.

Another idea would be to use rpc. The only experience I have is with gRPC where each servicer can run in its own process, maybe that can be used in a similar way?

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