Some question about defining a new pool layer

Hey, I wonder if it is possible to define a pool layer which output the median value over an specific area instead of max value or mean value only using available pytorch app function? I think this would be helpful but I have no idea how to implement it. Can you help me with some advice? Thank you!!!

If you’re on images (or chw in general) you can use torch.nn.Fold/Unfold to arrange the items you want to pool along one dimension, do your pooling, and then rearrange back.
It’s not terribly fast, but you can always optimize when its working for you.

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If it can help, I think a simple implementation of the median pooling using fold/unfold can be

import torch as th
import torch.nn as thNn
import torch.nn.functional as thFn

import math

def unpack_param_2d(param):

    p_H, p_W = param[0], param[1]
    p_H, p_W = param, param

  return p_H, p_W

def median_pool_2d(input, kernel_size, stride, padding, dilation):

  #Input should be 4D (BCHW)
  assert(input.dim() == 4)

  #Get input dimensions
  b_size, c_size, h_size, w_size = input.size()

  #Get input parameters
  k_H, k_W = unpack_param_2d(kernel_size)
  s_H, s_W = unpack_param_2d(     stride)
  p_H, p_W = unpack_param_2d(    padding)
  d_H, d_W = unpack_param_2d(   dilation)

  #First we unfold all the (kernel_size x kernel_size)  patches
  unf_input = thFn.unfold(input, kernel_size, dilation, padding, stride)

  #Reshape it so that each patch is a column
  row_unf_input = unf_input.reshape(b_size, c_size, k_H*k_W, -1)

  #Apply median operation along the columns for each channel separately 
  med_unf_input, med_unf_indexes = th.median(row_unf_input, dim = 2, keepdim=True)

  #Restore original shape
  out_W = math.floor(((w_size + (2 * p_W) - (d_W * (k_W - 1)) - 1) / s_W) + 1)
  out_H = math.floor(((h_size + (2 * p_H) - (d_H * (k_H - 1)) - 1) / s_H) + 1)

  return med_unf_input.reshape(b_size, c_size, out_H, out_W)
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Thank you very much, it works:+1::+1::+1:

Thank you for your advice