Some wrong about libTorch C++ API

Hi, I meet some problem about libTorch. When I load my model, I find the code can’t find torch.ops.torchvision.nms. Anybody know how to deal it? Thx~

The error like this:

terminate called after throwing an instance of ‘torch::jit::ErrorReport’
Unknown builtin op: torchvision::nms.
Could not find any similar ops to torchvision::nms. This op may not exist or may not be currently supported in TorchScript.
File “/home/hookzeng/python-project/pytorch/SSDv3_edition_v2/utils/”, line 495
return torch.ops.torchvision.nms(boxes, scores, iou_threshold)
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ <— HERE

Your torchvision installation might be too old, as this operation should be supported in the JIT.
Could you install the nightly binary and rerun the code (or build from source)?

I‘m sorry. I don’t understand how to deal it. My Torchvision Version: 0.7.0, Torchvision Version: 1.6.0.

I might be wrong in the assumption in a mismatch of torchvision and PyTorch versions.
Could you try to install the nightly binaries and rerun it again, as it should be working based on this.

Hello, @ptrblck!
I can confirm facing this error too, either on 1.6/0.7 or nightly builds.
I tried to re-run scripting of a model (keypoints-rcnn from torchvision.models) as well, still got no positive effect.