Spatial Transformer Layer

Is there any Spatial Transformer Layer kind of a thing in pytorch? I could find TransformerLayer in Lasagne which is the STN layer implementation.


If there is any example of STN with affine_grid and grid_sample as mentioned below, it would be of great help.


See and .

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Thanks for the links.
I would like to ask if there any example to depict the combination of the the affine_grid and grid_sample along with the localization network (which is essentially a set of conv layers ending up to regress the 6 parameters of the transformation)?

I just try an example without adding localization network but a pre-defined parameters for transformation. I think it’s straight forward to be modified.

@YongyiTang92 For Pytorch v0.2.0, is there a direct link that we can download the builded whl file, or we have to build from the source file?

Only source file is the only way to install v0.2.0 currently.