Spyder or jupyter?

hi, everybody. I am a researcher at the college. Recently, I am confused about which IDE should I take. I have used three IDEs: spyder, pycharm and jupyter. I think pycharm is a little complex to me. So, the choice is between spyder and jupyter.
To spyder, the pros is that it is more concise in file structure: a project can be parted to different modules such as models, datasets, utils, train, test and so on.
However, spyder is not interactive as jupyter. So, it is not as powerful as jupyter in data and results analysis. What’s more, the jupyter can be more handy with the help of extensions.
The cons of jupyter lies in its disorder in the file structures and nonsupport to .py files.
Is there anybody who can help me with this difficult choice, or another better IDE ?
Thank you very much!

I personally use Spyder if I develop locally and Jupyter notebooks if I develop on a remote server.
In Spyder I usually run small code snippets or lines with F9, which works just fine! :wink:
It’s a bit like developing with MATLAB line by line.

Thank you. Indeed, spyder is more Matlab. By the way, is there some plugins in spyder like extensions for jupyter, yapf for example to make codes pretty?

I just use yapf directly on the .py files and it get’s reloaded.
There seems to be a autopep8 plugin: https://github.com/spyder-ide/spyder-autopep8

Thank you very much!