Support for Deformable Convolution V2 in Pytorch


I am using the latest version of torch and I couldn’t find any implementation of Deform Conv V2 , I could only see DeformConv V1 in torchvision.

Do you plan to provide a native support for this any time soon ?

I tried to add extensions from github :

  1. xi11xi19/CenterNet2TorchScript: centernet pytorch model to torch script model (
  2. chengdazhi/Deformable-Convolution-V2-PyTorch: Deformable ConvNets V2 (DCNv2) in PyTorch (

They seem old and not compatible with latest version of Pytorch.

Is there any resource that I could use on latest version of pytorch ?

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Refer to Simple-PyTorch-Deformable-Convolution-v2

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you can refer to this repo