Tensor data type change

Ok. I have something weird going on. I want to calculate perceptual loss of an autoencoder. I store the activation maps of generated image and ground truth in two different dictionaries. Apparently after converting the activation maps from (Batch x C x H x W) → (Batch x H x W x C) one activation map is of type torch.float32 and the other is float32. But both activation maps goes through same function. How did this happened?
I am attaching the code below

def enc_percept_loss(model, image, gt):
    enc_activation_img = {}
    enc_activation_gt = {}
    def get_activation_enc(name, dest):
        def hook(model, input, output):
            dest[name] = output.detach()
        return hook
    encoder.convA.register_forward_hook(get_activation_enc('convA', enc_activation_img))
    encoder.l1A.register_forward_hook(get_activation_enc('l1A', enc_activation_img))
    encoder.l2A.register_forward_hook(get_activation_enc('l2A', enc_activation_img))
    encoder.lnA.register_forward_hook(get_activation_enc('lnA', enc_activation_img))
    z_img = model(image)
    for k in enc_activation_img.keys():
        enc_activation_img[k] = convert_img(enc_activation_img[k])
    encoder.convA.register_forward_hook(get_activation_enc('convA', enc_activation_gt))
    encoder.l1A.register_forward_hook(get_activation_enc('l1A', enc_activation_gt))
    encoder.l2A.register_forward_hook(get_activation_enc('l2A', enc_activation_gt))
    encoder.lnA.register_forward_hook(get_activation_enc('lnA', enc_activation_gt))
    z_gt = model(gt)
    for k in enc_activation_gt.keys():
        enc_activation_gt[k] = convert_img(enc_activation_gt[k])

    return enc_activation_gt, enc_activation_img

and convert_img is

def convert_img(input_tensor):
    if input_tensor.device.type == 'cuda':
        input_tensor = input_tensor.to('cpu')
    output_tensor = input_tensor.detach().numpy()
    output_tensor = output_tensor.transpose(0, 2, 3 ,1)
    return output_tensor

The former seems to be a tensor while the latter was transformed into a numpy array.
I guess that the for loops might not be executed in the same way so you could add e.g. print statements to convert_image to verify if both dicts are indeed transformed.