Tensorboard Cell Shows up Blank


This is my first post here so I apologize if I am breaking any rules.
I have this piece of code running in colab trying to initialize an instance of tensor board:

%load_ext tensorboard
%tensorboard --logdir ‘logs’ --port 6006 --host localhost --reload_interval 1

This just produces a blank cell like below:

Here is the code int the file that is supposed to connect to the instance of tb.

train_logger = tb.SummaryWriter(path.join(args.log_dir, 'train'), flush_secs=1)
valid_logger = tb.SummaryWriter(path.join(args.log_dir, 'valid'), flush_secs=1)

Then later down in the file:

 # Log training Accuracy
        train_logger.add_scalar('global accuracy', training_confusion_matrix.global_accuracy, global_step)
        train_logger.add_scalar('average accuracy', training_confusion_matrix.average_accuracy, global_step)
        train_logger.add_scalar('IOU', training_confusion_matrix.iou, global_step)