Tensorboard not displaying graph

I take the example from https://pytorch.org/tutorials/intermediate/tensorboard_tutorial.html and copy it. I run it but tensorboard does not show any graph (see attached image). I also run it with my own code and get exactly the same.

To show it I use:
tensorboard --logdir=data/ --host localhost --port 8088

Because simply using tensorboard --logdir does not work.

Using writer.add_image() works though. So, could you shed me some light on how to get the graph?

We have similar issues here and here

CC @lanpa, @orionr who might know, what’s going on.

Hi, which version of pytorch are you using? Have you run step 3?

writer.add_graph(net, images)

Any errors or warnings?

Based on your description, you might have changed the logging dir. Also make sure that you are passing the correct parameters.

I am using pytorch 1.2. Yes, that was a mistake in my description but the logging dir is the same. In fact, you can know it’s the same because if it weren’t, then I wouldn’t get anything but I still get the images from writer.add_image()

same issue to me. I run the demo from official tutorial VISUALIZING MODELS, DATA, AND TRAINING WITH TENSORBOARD, nothing changed, no graph emerged.
(anaconda 3 environment: python3.7 pytorch 1.2.0 torchvision 0.4.0 tensorboard 1.14.0 )

Same issue here with python3.7.4, pytorch 1.2.0, torchvision 0.4.0, tensorboard 1.14.0

Could you try the nightly build as described in this issue?

@ptrblck Updating Pytorch to nightly build resolved the issue. Thank you very much for the suggestion.