tensorboard/tensorboardX not showing all steps

I am making logs with tensorboardX on my training, and I am trying to visualize it from tensorboard, but it only shows it up to certain point. I am using tensorboard 2.7, and my system is ubuntu 18. I have changed from Windows to Ubuntu, and in windows I was able to see all the steps. I have 66k steps uptil now, but I can only see it 11,039. I used also this tag: --max_reload_threads 4 , and --samples_per_plugin images=99999999, and --samples_per_plugin scalars=999999999 but it didn’t help. My logfile is nearly 4GB. I had no problem loading 13GB logfile in Windows with the same system. I also disabled --load_fast=false, and now it shows 10,799 steps, and it display this error each few seconds: E1102 13:43:21.874801 139799442822912 plugin_event_multiplexer.py:235] Unable to reload accumulator '.': [Errno 5] Input/output error