Tensorboard updating problems

I’m currently experimenting with the new implementation of Tensorboard in Torch.Utilis and so far it works fine.
The only problem I have is that I have to restart the process every time to update the scalar graphs (maybe also the other Graph-Types, but I did not test them).
I see, that Tensorboard detect new log files, but it do not show the data until i kill and restart the process.
Is there a possability to fix this, right now?

Do the new values eventually show up after a while?
If so, you might want to experiment a bit the the --reload_interval SECONDS argument when starting tensorboard.

No, also after 1 hour it’s not loading new data
a minimal example is:

  writer = SummaryWriter(log_dir)
  for epoch i  n range(epochs):
       loss_test = test()
       writer_val.add_scalar('loss', loss_test, epoch)

I had the same issue. In my case I solved the issue using a previous version of tensorboard.

so, which version do you use right now?

I am using TensorBoard 1.13.1.

If i try to run it with TensorBoard in 1.13. I get the error:

ImportError: TensorBoard logging requires TensorBoard with Python summary writer installed. 
This should be available in 1.14 or above.

how did you do this?

As far as I remember (I do not have access at this moment to my develop setup) I have two different venv. In one of them I have pytorch + tensorboard1.14, in the second one, I have tensorboard 1.13. I am using the second one to display my tensorboard.

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I’m not sure if this work for me…
maybe I have to wait for tensorboard gets updated to 1.14. without beeing nightly build.
But thanks for your help!

anyone else an idea, before the update? :smiley:

Why it is not working for you?

I think your solution is a good work arround!
But there must be a reason for the “not updating” problem

Yes, but I think it is in tensorboard side.