Tensorboard with Pytorch SummaryWritter

I am trying to open an event file, but an error popped out, can help to solve these error

KeyError: “Couldn’t find field google.protobuf.FieldDescriptorProto.proto3_optional”

i had previously successfully used tensorboard but due to some reasons i had reinstall tensorboard this from conda package but these error has popped out

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Your current tensorboard installation might be incompatible with your installed protobuf version.
You could try to create a new virtual environment, install tensorboard, and check which protobuf version is used there (and could either install this version in your original environment or just use the new one).

here it is showing both
I am new in this part, I use

tensorboard --logdir PATH

What shall I do next?

You could create a new virtual environment, reinstall PyTorch with tensorboard, and check if it’s running.
I don’t know, if TensorFlow ships with its own protobuf and installs another version etc., so I would start with creating a minimal working environment.
If you are using conda, have a look at this doc for more information about virtual environments.

tensorboard or tensorboardx ? Actually since i installed Tensorboard X in the vir env in conda many things are messed up among those, this is the only problem i am not able to solve.

You don’t need tensorboardX, as PyTorch can use tensorboard directly.
Could you try to uninstall it and use tensorboard only?

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Actually reinstalling pytorch, tensorflow and tensorboard with it to the latest version some how worked, still error remains but Tensorboard is working condition so no problem now

Anyway thanks for your help !!

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removing and re-installing tensorboard solved this problem for me:

pip uninstall tensorboard
pip install tensorboard

This upgraded tensorboard from 2.1.0 to 2.5.0