Testing nightly builds with xformers + pytorch3d

I’m debugging performance problems with an application related to advanced tensor indexing in the autograd engine. Was unable to come up with a minimal repro I can share here.

One of the recent commits sounds promising based on what I see in the profile. I’d like to test if it really fixes the performance problem.

With some effort I could get a nightly builds of torch + torchvision installed. It appears that if I pick torch from date N, I need to go with torchvision nightly from date N+1 to be compatible. However, I couldn’t figure out how to find compatible versions of xformers and pytorch3d (other libs the app uses). Any hints?

Also, I learned that all these nightlies support only python-3.12 on linux. No support for python-3.10. Is that accurate?

You can just copy/paste the install command from here to install the nightly binaries without worrying about tagging the right versions.

No, nightly binaries support Python 3.8-3.12.

Thanks. Trying it out now.

However installing xformers brings in torch-2.3.0 and cu121. I don’t know what happens when multiple cuda versions and torch versions are in play.

Is this the recommended way to install xformers from source to work with pytorch nightly + cu124?