The probem with pydocs

the docs in this site are not userfriendly . you can better first give syntax and then give the example .
but in docs you have given only the example . moreover please give like tensor() is a class and torch is module (i mean detailed explanation of what is what and what are the directories and classes present in pytorch) . the pytorch community is very helpfull wasting their precious time for solving someone else’s problem . if you want new users to learn pytorch insted of tensorflow please provide better docs .

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Yeah, you are right, Pytorch documentation as compared to tensorflow , it is not wisely and not maintained.
We want it better.

I know some html/css, i would do little help for making ui better.

i know some pytorch stuff i can spend my time for helping document pytorch

we need to go deeper.

If you have certain feature requests or proposals, please create an issue and discuss it there.

CC @km_proton

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no @ptrblck thats not what i meant its hard for new beginners to grasp

I understood that you have certain ideas and proposals on how to improve the documentation.
If that’s the case, we would like to hear them (best in a feature request) and would be more than happy to discuss them there and accept PRs for improvement. :slight_smile: