The pytorch blog "A Tour of PyTorch Internals" is out-of-date. How to know more about the pytorch internal

(Ke Bai) #1

I am start to read the source code of pytorch recently. But I am totally lost. In the tutorial, Part one introduces the “Tensor type”, but “csrc/generic/Tensor.cpp” disappeared. I only found “Tensor.h” in Aten library and in pytorch/torch/lib/THD/master_worker/worker/dispatch/ (But the later folder is claimed “dead” now)

I have read short introductions to the internal of pytorch in the document and tutorial. Now I only know that ATen is the tensor library of pytorch (The source code of this is easier to read since they have clear meanings). pytorch/crsc is the integration part of c++ and python.

I also have tried to find some hint from the GitHub and read the pull record. But it is quite hard.

I am familiar with the basic grammar of C++ but am bad at organization of the code. My own past C++ code only includes several xxx.h and xxx.c. So I am so confused when facing such a big project. Can anyone give me some suggestions to read the source code?


(Simon Wang) #2

Sorry for the post being out of date. Currently I don’t think there is a good guide on this topic especially since that we are in the middle of a big refactoring. We may have something once PyTorch 1.0 is out. May I ask why you want to read the source code?