Too many values to unpack (expected 2) error occurs when training

Hi, the bellow section of code is creating the error in the title.

for epoch in range(3): # 3 full passes over the data
    for data in trainset:  # `data` is a batch of data
        X, y = data  # X is the batch of features, y is the batch of targets.
        net.zero_grad()  # sets gradients to 0 before loss calc. You will do this likely every step.
        output = net(X.view(-1,11))  # pass in the reshaped batch (recall they are 28x28 atm)
        loss = F.nll_loss(output, y)  # calc and grab the loss value
        loss.backward()  # apply this loss backwards thru the network's parameters
        optimizer.step()  # attempt to optimize weights to account for loss/gradients
    print(loss)  # print loss. We hope loss (a measure of wrong-ness) declines!

Note: I credit my code to sentdex, I’m only trying to modify it to use for my dataset.
My repository with full code:

Sorry about the messy/incorrect formating. This is my first post here. Please let me know how to fix any errors or mistakes with the formating and site usage in general.

Which line of code is throwing this error?
The linked repository thrown a 404 error and there seems to be another TF implementation.

If the error is thrown in your trainset, you should check, that its __getitem__ method returns two values, since you are unpacking them to X and y.